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Excellent piece.

I just want to call you this line though: "Eradicating poverty in the region will require a laser focus on growth"

Why not a laser focus on poverty? Why should we focus on a measure (assuming you mean GDP) which is kinda correlated with it but contains a lot of other unhelpful noise?

Why, fundamentally, do we not have a laser focus on the things that we actually want to change? Maybe GDP increases along the way, maybe it doesn't, but what we need to do is to eradicate poverty.

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Concerning "climate change", it's not that you need to worry about (currently the climate is cooling and has been for a decade), it is the massive over-reaction called "Net Zero" combined with the Ukrainian war and the reduction of investment in oil and especially gas production.

Fertiliser is produced primarily from natural gas, and production of fertiliser is dropping fast, I'm sure I don't need to inform you the implications of that.



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