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An Africanist Perspective covers all things African political economy, international affairs, culture and general commentary. I have spent almost two decades studying African politics, economics, and history, and thinking about the fundamental drivers of economic and political development in the region.

My goal in An Africanist Perspective is to inject analyses grounded in objective reality and history into the discourse on Africa’s economics and politics.

In my day job, my primary research interests include legislative politics, attribution and accountability under multi-tier governments, the politics of public goods provision, and historical political economy.

I am an Associate Professor in the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. Before joining Georgetown University I completed my PhD in Political Science at Stanford and BA at Yale. I am a proud alum of Mang’u High School.

You can learn more about my academic work here.

Outside of work I enjoy cooking at home with my family, watching football with my daughter (an Arsenal fan in training), traveling, and listening to Congolese music.

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African political economy, foreign affairs, and general commentary.


Associate Professor at Georgetown University, Washington, DC.