Sitemap - 2023 - An Africanist Perspective

Africa’s 2023 Year in Review

The Museveni Succession

Ethiopia needs a reliable seaport and a navy

There is an urgent need to unlock labor productivity in African economies

In Africa, Russia is playing the West like a fiddle

Making sense of the coup in Gabon

How Ghana escaped the coup trap

The United States should decouple it’s West Africa policy from France

Putting the recent coups in the Sahel in broader perspective

Understanding the economic foundations of ongoing protests in Kenya

Reckoning with Guinea-Bissau’s enduring political and economic stagnation

What exactly is South Africa getting from its diplomatic dalliance with Russia and other BRICS states?

Is `Global Development' dead?

An illustration of the high cost of low state (fiscal) capacity in Liberia

Policymakers in several African countries are on the wrong side of the medical professionals "brain drain" debate

The puzzling geopolitics of America's support for proposed World Bank reforms

Managing the coming lithium boom (and bust) in select African states

On America's structural inability to effectively compete with China in Africa

On why I remain bullish on Nigeria

The World Bank African Countries Need

A Dying Françafrique?

Cash crops, marketing boards, and agricultural policy failures in Africa

Natural resources and economic (under)development in Africa

Three Billion Africans

On conflict and peacebuilding in African states

Is Somalia turning the corner?

What is the matter with South Africa?

Making sense of Ethiopia's Tigray conflict

The race to be the gateway to Eastern and Central Africa heats up

Why haven't markets disciplined public finance management practices in African states?

You Can't Eat Democracy

Would Zanzibar have fared better (politically) as an independent state?

Disruptive science has declined (might have bigger implications for social sciences)

Claims about USAID's localization agenda

The World Bank prepares for the polycrisis

African development in an era of climate change

Overcoming the underwhelming history of America's Africa Policy

The Future of Sino-Africa Relations